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Not Your Average

Ghost Writer

 Hi there ! I'm Matt .

I help ambitious business owners & aspiring thought leaders convey their ideas in clear & compelling ways.

" Insightful "

"Matt is a beautiful, insightful writer, a hard worker, and very creative ... He would be an asset on any team."

Julia Reichert

Emmy-winning filmmaker

Break through the noise

Every day, businesses all over the world flood the Web with “content” that reads more like some last-minute homework assignment. Vague, boring, and forgettable fluff that does little to boost their visibility or build their credibility.

If you’re looking to take a smarter approach — with content that is clearcompelling, and memorable — I can help. I’ve worked with business professionals on a wide range of projects for a variety of industries, and I'd be happy to assist you with yours.

Matt Lemanski, content writer and founder of Perfectly Content oü, Estonia
Matt Lemanski, content writer and founder of Perfectly Content oü, Estonia

Make a stellar impression

Whether you’re looking to reach the top of Google search results, or knock the socks off high-level investors and influencers on social media — in each case, well-crafted content can be a powerful, multi-purpose asset to your business.

To that end, my approach brings together the best practices in SEO copywriting, content marketing, and online publishing. Moreover, as a teacher I can help you break down complex topics and find ways to spice up not-so-sexy subjects.

If my skills and sensibilities sound like a good fit for your business or writing project, send me a message and let's chat.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Here are some things I've written  in various styles & formats:

"Working with Matt to create my first book has been a fabulous experience. His patience, creativity and ability to hold space and ask the right questions helped me get to the 'nugget' of my book. Thank you Matt."

" Fabulous "

~ Abby C.

For this project, I combined the author's 80-page draft with 20+ hours of interviews to create a 250-page narrative of his experiences in Eastern Europe. I took particular care to blend his differing written and spoken styles into a seamless voice.

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"Matt has been an awesome resource for our company. He is thoughtful and creative. 10/10 Experience! We look forward to working with him again."

" 10 / 10 Experience "

~ Alex M.

I wrote this 3-minute script for a SaaS startup wanting to introduce its platform in a clear, concise, benefit-oriented way. To ensure the video could be produced quickly and affordably, I minimized the use of actors and visual effects.

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A bit about me . . .

B.A. English

with a focus in persuasive writing

from St. Olaf College in Minnesota

Grad Studies

in visual


at American University in Washington, DC

Related Experience

as an English teacher

creating lessons that 

clarify & engage

2012 - present

Additional Skills


photo editing

graphic design

digital publishing

website development

The great challenge of our age is the communication of ideas. The world isn't short of good ideas, but what we're lacking is for these ideas to be effective in a public realm otherwise dominated by third-rate commercial nonsense.

~ Alain de Botton


Work with me

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